The Marketplace is a feature integrated into the Lighthouse application - a live monitoring app that helps REEF operators stay on top of costs and optimize their operations with a straightforward, holistic view of their performance. The primary objective of this marketplace feature is to showcase the opportunities available to operators and demonstrate how these opportunities can contribute to revenue growth. I held discussions with operators to understand what they were lacking, and what their pain points were. From these discussions, it became apparent that, at that time, operators lacked autonomy, and everything was being managed by other entities within the company.

In essence, I realized that I needed to create a feature that could visually and clearly present the opportunities while also assisting operators in advancing their businesses independently. For example, by adding the most potentially lucrative brand to their business. The feature's design is intricately aligned with the company's business model, visualized in the form of a hexagon. Notably, the business model and the opportunities available to operators are inherently linked. Therefore, presenting the feature in a manner reminiscent of the company's business model, through the hexagonal framework, ensures clarity and familiarity for the internal users, i.e., the operators. The central point of the hexagon represents a 0% status, while the outermost edge symbolizes 100%. In essence, an operator's objective is to advance towards a state where their hexagon is entirely filled, indicating the realization of 100% of their potential.